heidelberg blowers

Heidelberg blowers

Heidelberg blowers, folding machine blowers, used on Sm52 have a small number of customers that the plug cannot be inserted during installation. If you find this problem, please contact us in time (non-recall, send some small things) Heidelberg printing Feida fan , Wholesale paper delivery flat paper fan. Feida fan circuit board special promotion price is negotiable, paper delivery fan, fan circuit board due to installation and debugging problems, it is easy to be broken if the installation is not good, non-electrical maintenance personnel please be careful to buy. Applicable to the following models of fans to use:


The circuit board uses imported accessories, stable operation and the same control method as the original one, 0-100% rotation, smooth start. Not applicable to L2.179.1501, the above fan models and some models of G2.179.1501. The company has a complete set of domestic replacements. After continuous improvement, it is now replaced with Japanese igbt modules. Now the quality is stable, the air volume is large, the suction power is strong, and the life is longer.


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